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Electric motor Thermal Management

Thermal management of electric motor is one of the major roadblocks in development of high torque density motors. Electric motor designers have found smart ways to directly attack to this challenge by introducing challenging engineering solutions such maximizing the amount of copper usage, or by using thinner insulation papers with higher thermal conductivity, or by direct spray of coolant to the hot conductors, or by introducing iron-cobalt steel for getting higher torque per Amp, or by shortening the heat flow path to the cold plates of an electric motor. Although all of these innovative solutions have shown very promising results and widely executed in automotive industry, with reference to heavy turbo-generators we are still off by the factor of 50 to 100. Although it may be tempting to copy some of the solutions, it presents a challenge to Automotive industry to be exposed with such complicated cooling systems.

In the mid-term, our Engineers are striving to lead an innovative solution to tackle of the major thermal resistance dominating the heat flow path in traction motors. Our solution employs an advanced ceramic compounds filler enabling major improvement in the thermal resistance between conductive and the insulation paper used in the slots in radial flux motors. If you would like to hear more about this solution, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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